January 20, 2018

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in America

I am definitely a beach kind of girl. My heart swells with excitement when I’m inches away from that pristine sand and I love absolutely everything about the beach. I’ve put together this list of some of my favorite beaches in the United States!

Pensacola Beach


Pensacola Beach sits in the westernmost part of Florida, just a stone’s throw from Alabama. It’s on the Gulf of Mexico, so it had beautiful white sand beaches and calm waters.

Oahu Beach


Any beach on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu is absolutely stunning. Oahu is definitely one of the most popular Hawaiian islands, and for good reason. There’s tons to do and beautiful beaches!

Manele Bay


Manele Bay is located on the lesser visited Hawaiian Island of Lanai. It has steep cliff’s on it’s stunning shores, as well as those white sandy beaches we all love so much.

Poipu Beach


Poipu Beach is again located in Hawaii, but this time on the island of Kauai! It’s stunning, and has tons to do around the beach if you are getting bored of swimming!

Siesta Key Beach


Siesta Key is an island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of central west Florida. It’s just south of the Tampa Bay area and features absolutely stunning beaches and calm waters.

Na’Pali Coast


The Na’Pali coast in the northwest of the Kauai Island has long been on my bucket list. So many stunning shows and movies (Lost fans I’m looking at you!!) have been filmed in this part of the country and I can’t wait to visit someday.

Cannon Beach


Although most of my list has focused on Florida & Hawaii, I thought I’d give some mention to some northwestern and northeastern beaches. Cannon Beach is on the Oregon coast and is a place near to my heart. It’s definitely worth a day trip from Portland or an entire trip in of itself.

Hilton Head Island


Hilton Head Island is off the coast of South Carolina and has a ton of things to do. From the beach to the various spas to golf courses to resorts, Hilton Head has it all.

South Beach


Of course I had to mention one of my recent favorites, Miami Beach. Miami Beach is located east of Miami, and south beach is the southern section of Miami Beach. South Beach features an amazing beach, but also has amazing restaurants, fancy clubs and awesome hotels.

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