October 9, 2017

20 Places to Go in Your Twenties

Your twenties is supposed to be the most exciting time of your life. This is a time for you to grow as an individual and really learn who you are and who you’re supposed to be. We put together this list of 20 places to go in your twenties because we feel that travel is one of the things that will grow you most.



Europe is a big one. Traveling out of the country in general is something that should be experienced by everyone, but especially to Europe. Their culture is so much like our own, but at the same time so different. There’s amazingly rich history in Europe that you just can’t find in the US. There are so many beautiful and amazing countries in Europe, and it’s all right in front of you once you make the hop over the Atlantic. I’ve listed specific places in Europe that I think are amazing and are must-sees, but Europe in general is our number one place.



I recommend waiting until you’re 21 for this one, but Las Vegas is such a great place for someone who’s freshly 21. It’s unlike really any other place in the US, and is an experience you have to do at least once in your lifetime. That’s not to say that Vegas is going to be your favorite place in the world, but it is definitely an experience worth having.

Los Angeles


The second biggest city in the US is Los Angeles, California. It’s a huge, beautiful city with literally so much to do. I recommend going there just because of how famous it is. There are so many places pictured on TV, like the Hollywood sign, or Santa Monica pier, or just the downtown cityscape of LA. It has great shopping, great people and will really provide you with a fantastic experience.

New York City


Speaking of biggest cities in the US, New York City is the largest city in the United States. It’s situated on a tiny island, but stands tall into the sky. Like LA, there’s so much to do in New York. So many places to explore & see. There’s again, great shopping and a fantastic nightlife scene. There’s incredible dining, as well.

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Washington D.C.


Our nations capitol, Washington D.C., is full of rich history. This is Abbie’s favorite city in the world (so far). D.C. is full of free things to do, which is excellent for us 20-somethings on a budget.



Miami is one of those places you just have to experience at least once in your lifetime. It’s a beautiful city, situated right on the water, and is practically warm 24/7. It also boasts some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, and most lively nightlife.

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Speaking of Florida, do not miss Orlando. This is the theme park capital of the US and boasts Disneyworld and Universal less than 20 miles apart. AND it doesn’t stop there. There’s tons and tons of other free and costly things to do in Orlando, although I may be slightly impartial when I say, Disney World is a can’t miss.

New Orleans


Again, this is an experience you just can’t miss. If possible, head to New Orleans during Mardi Gras (end of February). It’s going to be an experience, for sure. People dress up, throw beads, have parties and more.



Moving overseas, Australia is a country that many overlook when planning overseas adventures from the US. Australia is home to some of the world’s most dangerous animals, but it’s also home to some pretty awesome sights and adventures.



Japan has a culture unlike anything close to the US’s. Home to the biggest city in the world, Tokyo, Japan is full of rich history as well as intensely huge cities. You’ll never run out of things to do in Japan.

South Korea


Just a jump away from Japan is South Korea. South Korea has some amazing culture, as well as beautiful sights and things to do. Nate & I are thinking of teaching English in South Korea at some point…so stay tuned.



England is an amazing place. It boasts not only history that directly relates to the United States, but has a culture a lot like ours. England has some amazing, famous sites like the London Bridge and Westminister.



Tahiti is a beautiful country located in the South Pacific, somewhere between Australia and the Americas. This is one of the countries you think of when you think of those overwater bungalows. You come here to relax and swim and have an amazing time.

St. Thomas


St. Thomas is a beautiful island in the caribbean. There’s tons to do in St. Thomas as well as plenty of areas to relax, swim and just dig your toes into the sand.



Located in Texas, US, Dallas is a huge city. It boasts amazing teams like the Dallas Cowboys, and has tons of things to do and a very lively downtown scene.



If you’ve ever jammed to the song “I took a pill in Ibiza…to show Avicii I was cool” then you’ve probably been wondering what the heck is Ibiza? It’s a city off the coast of Spain on a little island. It’s known as a party scene, and basically has a non-stop party year round.

San Francisco


Another one of my favorite cities in the world, San Francisco sits on a bay near the Atlantic Ocean. It’s famous for it’s awesome gay and lesbian scene, the golden gate bridge, and chocolate. It also has the amazing Alcatraz right off it’s coast, and is genuinely an amazing place. There’s so much to do in San Fran.

Machu Picchu


Although getting here is a little bit of a hike/adventure in of itself, Machu Picchu has some seriously rich and interesting history. It’s the remnants of an Inca city high in the mountains of Peru.



I’ll never forget my trip to Calgary, Canada. As someone who was freshly 18 and had never been to a bar, having a drinking age of 18 was fantastic. Canada has so much to do, on it’s West Coast as well as its East Coast.



Following the Rio Olympics in 2016, Rio has become a popular destination. It’s not like it wasn’t before, but it wasn’t on people’s radars as much as it is now. Rio is gorgeous and has some awesome sights, so definitely check it out.

Which place do you want to go most?

Thanks for reading!

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