October 9, 2017

24 Hours in Baltimore

Today I want to share with you all a place that is near and dear to my heart – Maryland. Specifically, Baltimore. This is the city where my mom worked as a nurse for the first time, and the city where my dad flew helicopters and worked for the Maryland State Police. My parents met and married in Baltimore, before moving to Elkton where I was born! I moved to Idaho when I was 6. Without further ado, let’s see what you can do with 24 hours in Baltimore, Maryland.

Baltimore Harbor


The Baltimore Harbor is definitely one of the more beautiful parts of a sometimes not so pretty city. It provides great views of downtown Baltimore, as well as plenty to do. There are awesome restaurants, boat tours, museums and other activities that sit right on the harbor.

National Aquarium


One of those museums that sits right on the harbor is the National Aquarium. They have a TON of different aquatic animals, ranging from sharks to frogs to turtles. They really have something for everyone, as it’s interactive and fun for kids and adults alike.


Federal Hill Park


Federal Hill Park is located just south of the city center, and offers some of the best views of downtown Baltimore and the city in general. Federal Hill was used during the Civil War as a military post, and boasts some super interesting history.

Peabody Library


The Peabody Library is a spectacular sight. It’s regarded as one of the most beautiful interiors in the world. It’s absolutely stunning, and free for public use, so don’t miss out on this one when you visit Baltimore!

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