October 9, 2017

24 Hours in Salt Lake City

Hello everyone! First in our “24 hours in…” series, I wanted to share a city that is near and dear to me. My mom got her doctorate in SLC at U of U when I was 12-14, and so I’ve spent a ton of time in Salt Lake. I’ve also seen Taylor Swift there twice, and have flown through Salt Lake on multiple occasions. Here are the things I recommend in Salt Lake.

Temple Square

Even if you aren’t Mormon, checking out temple square is really beautiful. The area surrounding the temple is also great as well. There’s a huge mall just down the street that I have spent tons of money at. The temple itself is stunning, although you are not allowed in unless you are a member of the LDS church.


State Capitol Building

I spent a few hours at the Capitol building during one of my trips to Salt Lake, and concluded that it is one of the prettiest views of downtown Salt Lake and also has some really interesting history laid out for you inside the building. While my mom prepped for graduation, we spent time exploring the capitol grounds, taking fun pictures and just generally having a good time as a family. It’s a memory I’ll always cherish.


University of Utah

University of Utah is one of the prettiest campuses. It’s a huge campus, with a beautiful football stadium, dorms, arena and more. I’ve spent a lot of time on campus and have attended a few events there. I think the campus is gorgeous and definitely recommend checking it out for fun or even if you’re looking for a college!


Downtown Salt Lake

Downtown Salt Lake is so pretty, and boasts many shops, restaurants and other things to do. One of the things I love most about Salt Lake is the fact that while it’s a big city, it still feels like it has that small town charm about it. The people are nice, the city is clean and well laid out, and I love it.


Day Trip to Park City/Olympic Village

If you didn’t know, the olympics were held in Salt Lake in 2002. They were actually held up in Park City, a beautiful and popular skiing attraction. The Olympic Village is absolutely beautiful and is so interesting to walk around and look at. My family and I explored Olympic Village back in 2010 and it was so much fun. The sundance film festival is also held here every year.

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