October 9, 2017

Best Camping in the Northwest

My family and I spent tons of time camping all over the Northwest throughout my childhood and adolescence. I wanted to share with you guys my favorite spots for camping in the northwest.

Mt. Rainier


I have a serious love for Mt. Rainier. Whether it’s flying over it on a flight out of Seattle, or camping at the bottom of it, Mt. Rainier is gorgeous. It can also be seen from Seattle on a sunny day! Mt. Rainier is gorgeous, and hosts tons of different campgrounds. It also has hiking trails and for the talented, you can hike to the top.

Crater Lake National Park


This is a landmark in Oregon that will just absolutely take your breath away in person. It’s stunning that the surrounding area just juts up around it. Again, since crater lake is a national park, there is camping all over the place.

Cape Disappointment


Cape Disappointment is located at the southwestern corner of Washington state. As you look across the Columbia river, you’re actually looking at Oregon! Cape Disappointment has a stunning lighthouse that it’s most famous for, as well as several campgrounds.

Salt Creek Recreation Area


Salt Creek Recreation Area is located in northern Washington. Across the strait of Juan de Fuca is Canada! Salt Creek used to be a World War II Military camp, so there’s tons of awesome history in this campground. It’s also extremely beautiful.

Wallowa Lake State Park


Located about an hour from La Grande, Oregon, Wallowa is absolutely stunning. Since the mountains look like the Swiss mountains, they have designed the little camping area to look like you’re in Switzerland. There’s also an awesome gondola (I LOVE Gondola’s….of course I forced my dad to take me on it) that goes up the side of the mountain and will give you awesome views.

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