October 9, 2017

Credit Cards I Use to Earn Points for Travel

Today I wanted to talk credit cards for travel. I discovered these babies back during my freshman year of college. They’re a great way to earn points or cash back for travel, as long as you’re paying them off each month. Today I’m sharing how I use each of the three credit cards I have and how that use translates into free travel for me. Keep in mind, I’m a fresh out of college student, with little credit experience, so I don’t have ‘nicer’ credit cards. I also don’t like annual fees, so all of these cards are free.

Chase Freedom

I use this card most often. It has the highest credit limit, so a lot of my bigger purchases like rent go onto this card. This card is the only of the three that I use that actually has points, versus cash back. You can book all sorts of things with these points, like flights and hotels. I usually shop around to see if it’s a better deal for where we’re going to book with points or redeem those points for cash back. Roughly 1,000 points equals one dollar and I earn 1% cash back on every purchase, and 5% on various categories. I’m huge on keeping track of categories, and making sure that I’m purchasing the right things on the right cards.

Discover Student

This card was my first credit card. It has the lowest limit, so I don’t really purchase much with it, aside from the specific cash back categories. I get 1% on this card as well, plus a 5% bonus on certain categories. If I go the cash back route for travel, I’ll usually book the travel with the card and then pay it off using the cash back.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday

This is another 1% cash back, but I use this card specifically for business purchases. As we move into the new year I have big plans for both of my blogs and my YouTube channel. I want to grow them exponentially and this means I really need to keep track of expenses for tax purposes. Any cash back made from this card goes directly back into my businesses, whether that means traveling for the blog, or materials for my Etsy store.

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