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November 21, 2017

Our ‘Staycation’ For my 21st Birthday

I finally turned 21!!!! No one understands my excitement about finally turning 21. We were going to try and go to Vegas, but ended up not being able to swing it. So, in it’s place we decided to have a little staycation and explore some of the 21+ things to do in Boise, Idaho (where we live!).

Day 1

Day one was actually the day before my birthday, but since you can legally go to the bars at midnight (since it’s technically your birthday then), we had some fun that day! That morning I got a spray tan which was super fun and made me look fantastic for the night. We then went shopping, got balloons filled up at Zurchers, bought champagne and then I began getting ready at noon.

We then had a party, where all of my friends came. It was honestly so much fun even though I don’t remember much of the ending. We then went downtown and I actually lasted until about 1:30am, when we decided to go home and go to sleep.

Day 2

Day two had some brunch plans, but given that I was extremely hungover, we decided to forgo those plans. We hung out all day, hit the liquor store that evening and then headed to dinner at Bardenay! Bardenay is a local restaurant in Boise, and is seriously fantastic. I highly recommend going there if you’re ever in Boise.

After that, we headed back downtown and hit some of the bars that were closed on Tuesday. We have a bar here called Humpin’ Hannahs, and there’s a singer who will announce your birthday, bring you on stage and give you free naughty toys! It was so much fun.

Day 3

We took Thursday very easy, after constant drinking for the last two days, I was exhausted. We went to a local bar, Suds Tavern, that’s really busy on Thursdays because it’s $1 beer nights, but ended up leaving after just one beer.

Day 4

Day four was Friday, and although we took it easy most of the day, we did hit up STIL which is a new ice cream place in BoDo. They serve beer and wine samplers, as well as liquor or wine infused ice cream! Nate got the caramel brandy and I got a wine sorbet, both were seriously delicious, but will not be getting you drunk anytime soon.

Day 5

Saturday was the last official day of our ‘staycation’ for my birthday, so we first went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Flatbread. They have delicious gluten free pizza and yummy cocktails, which of course, I had to get.

Then we went downtown again, which was seriously fun. I had a hard time trying to get really drunk like I had been that week, but I had fun drinking a few drinks, eating some tacos on the side of the road, and then heading home.

Thanks for reading!