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October 10, 2017

My Travel Essentials

Today I thought I’d share my travel essentials with you all! Obviously I’ve worked hard at perfecting exactly what I need for travel. Most of these things are travel blog related, but these are also just my regular old essentials as well.

  1. Camera Bag – I love using a camera bag that also doubles as a carry on. I typically take my big suitcase, and then use this as my carry on. I put my camera in here, and use a bigger one if I’m bringing my bigger laptop as well.
  2. DSLR Camera – Of course I’d have no need for the camera bag if I didn’t have my camera. I typically bring my DSLR everywhere, unless it’s a really short weekend trip, then I only bring….
  3. Point and Shoot Vlog Camera – I bring this on every trip. If it’s going to be a shorter trip, I’ll make sure I just bring this. But, I always use it for vlogging as well as quick in the moment photos if I’m not using my cellphone.
  4. Thick Sweater Scarf – This is a plane essential for me, no matter where I’m going. I typically dress in leggings, a t-shirt or sweatshirt and a scarf on the day of my flight. I like to have this big scarf because it doubles as a blanket or a pillow!
  5. Portable Charger – I always seem to have dead devices whenever I travel. So, a portable battery pack makes it a little easier to get through a day of traveling. I just have to remember to charge the charger!
  6. Travel Makeup Bag – I have a bag filled with travel sized versions of everything I use on a daily basis. I take this with me whenever I have an overnight at a friends, or on vacation. Having it ready to go makes packing a lot easier.
  7. Packing Cubes – I’ve recently become a huge fan of these. I use them a lot for shorter trips, and longer ones when I need to fit more into my suitcase. It makes planning outfits, and organizing my suitcase so much easier.
  8. Travel Toothbrush – I find it really important to always have a travel toothbrush in my makeup bag, which is why I wanted to mention it. I often forget toothbrushes, but if I always have it available, it makes it a lot easier.

Thanks for reading!