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October 9, 2017

Best Camping in the Southwest

The southwest United States has some absolutely gorgeous areas. It’s mostly desert, with some canyons and lush areas thrown in there. Let’s look at the best camping in the Southwest.

Zion National Park



Zion National Park is seriously stunning. Located in southern Utah, it’s a 229 square mile piece of beauty. The most popular feature is the zion canyon, which is a 15 mile canyon cut into the reddish rock of southern Utah. It’s aboslutely stunning, and has tons of opportunity for hiking and rock climbing.

Havasu Falls


Although this camping spot is a piece of the next one, I still had to mention it separately because of it’s beauty. Havasu falls is located in the Grand Canyon, in Arizona. Because it’s¬†located within the Havasupai Indian reservation, it’s important to remember that when visiting the gorgeous falls. It’s a great area for swimming and hiking, and there is a campground near by.

Grand Canyon


You had to know I wasn’t going to mention the southwest without mentioning the Grand Canyon. The canyon is absolutely gorgeous and located in Arizona. And, it’s been carved over the last 6 million years by the Colorado river. Most noteworthy, it lasts over a 277 mile length, and can be seen from space. There are so many things to do along the Grand Canyon, as well as many campgrounds. You’ll have to do some research into exactly which area of the Grand Canyon you’d like to stay, or if you’ll backpack and hike it.

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