October 10, 2017

Travel Planning

What We Do

We plan travel. We love to travel and we want to help other people realize how great traveling really is. For all of the packages listed below, we provide a full, intensive look at some of the best attractions and sights in whatever city you’re visiting. We have packages to meet almost anyone’s needs, but if you require something custom, contact us for a quote.

The Process

First, contact us at the bottom of this page. Let us know what package you’re interested in, and where you’re headed. We’ll respond with a simple survey that asks you your travel preferences, dates, spending limit and more. If you’d like us to book your hotels, flights and more for you, we’ll need credit card information or pre-payment. Then, we’ll let you know when we’ll be done and we’ll send you a beautiful PDF full of all the information for your trip.

The Road Trip Package


  • No flights included
  • Includes complete planning for up to five days of a road trip
  • Includes a total itinerary with driving directions

The Week Long


  • 5-7 days long
  • Includes flights, hotels and full itineraries for a longer trip.

The Cruise Line


  • Based on your budget and location preferences, I’ll locate and book the best cruise line for you and your family.

The Europe Trip

With Itineraries: $1000
Without Itineraries: $600

  • Based on your preferences, I’ll create an entire Europe trip for you
  • This can include itineraries, or not. Can include trains, hostels, backpacking, or none of the above.

The Weekender


  • Includes flights, hotels and itineraries for up to 4 days
  • Complete planning for an entire weekend vacation

The Disney


  • Complete planning for an entire vacation to Disney, no matter the length
  • Includes park schedules, flights, hotels and full itineraries

The Cross Country

With Itineraries: $900
Without Itineraries: $500

  • A complete custom cross country adventure, with or without itineraries.
  • Includes driving directions, hotels, and more

The 2 Week


  • For any trip 8-14 days
  • Includes flights, hotels and itineraries.