October 9, 2017

Travel Websites You Don’t Know About

There is a wealth of information about travel online. There are also a ton of different websites you can visit in order to gain knowledge about travel and get deals on travel. Today I’m sharing some travel websites you don’t know about. These are little known websites that will help you travel smarter and cheaper.


This site did gain some popularity after Orbitz and United Airlines sued them. But, it’s still not well known. This service helps you find flights¬†for a lot cheaper. If you are wanting to fly to Salt Lake, but it’s cheaper to fly to Arizona with a connection in Salt Lake, then you can just skip the second flight and stay in Salt Lake. It’s not illegal, but many airlines do not approve of it. Check out skiplagged here.

Kayak Explore

Kayak Explore is pretty fun. Sometimes I like to just browse travel locations while I’m at work. This let’s you plug in where you live/where you want to leave from, and you can find cheap flights all over the country and world. This is a perfect website for when you don’t know where you want to go, but you want to go somewhere.

Visa Mapper

If you love to travel outside the country, Visa Mapper is for you. This website shows you exactly what you need in order to visit any country. You just plug in which country you’re a citizen of and it’ll show you everything you need.


Yapta provides an email or a tweet to alert you that a price on a flight you’ve already booked has dropped, and enables you to rebook under the new fare. A lot of the time, though, you’ll have a cancellation fee so make sure you keep an eye on that.

Which Budget

If you live in a bigger city, or are traveling overseas, it’s a great idea to check out WhichBudget. This helps you find the best deals on budget airlines. Keep in mind budget airlines have a lot of other fees, but that’s for another time. Just at first glance I found a $50 flight from Baltimore to Fort-de-France, a city in Martinique.

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