October 10, 2017

Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

On my first ever trip out of the country, I was heading to Canada with my (now ex) boyfriend. We were young, 18 and 19 and extremely naive. I was doing a lot of research on travel outside of the US and decided to purchase travel insurance. I’m so glad I did, and here’s why you should get travel insurance too.

Trip Insurance

Although something medically may not happen to you, you could experience pretty much anything while on your trip. A huge storm could hit, destroying your hotel or even the airport! You could experience a fire, a hurricane, tornadoes or really any combination. You just never know what can happen and paying a little extra to have some peace of mind is always a good idea. You can insure the full cost of your trip, and more, depending on what package you choose.

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Medical Insurance

Let’s say you’re traveling in the US but you already have medical insurance. Usually, if you were to break an ankle or hurt your wrist, you could head to an ER or urgent care and pay the same as you would back home. Yes, it would be unfortunate to be on vacation and be hurt, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. If this were to happen in a foreign country, you could end up paying thousands out of pocket, especially if you had to be flown back to your home country in a medivac. The best advice I have for you in this situation is to get medical insurance for your trip. When I went to Canada, I was only 18 but the drinking age was 18 in Canada, so I knew we’d be drinking at bars and clubs, which was not something we were used to. I was worried that if one of us had alcohol poisoning or got hurt, we would need medical attention and we would probably not be able to use our USA insurance cards.

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